If 您 drive around town, 您’可能会看到新房子冒出来。和他们’一直在变大。早在1973年,平均沙巴体育游戏面积为1,660平方英尺。(1) 如今,新沙巴体育游戏的面积约为2600平方英尺。 (2) 可能会感到 巨大 to 您, especially if 您r kids already left the nest!

So how do 您 know if 您 need to downsize? Could it help 您 prepare for retirement? And why do 您 feel so attached to 您r home?

If 您’ve been asking questions like these, 您’不孤单。好消息是 get to decide whether or not 您r home sweet home is enough—or too much—for 您 and 您r family. Here are some questions to ask and things to consider before 您 make any big decisions about 您r house.



人们决定移动的原因很多,而缩小尺寸也没有什么不同。什么’s right for 您 might not be right for 您r next-door neighbor, or vice versa. Here are a few examples of why 您 might decide to downsize:

1. To supercharge 您r retirement fund.

Are 您 putting 15% of 您r gross income toward retirement? If not, lowering 您r mortgage payment by opting for a 较小的 home could move the needle significantly!

詹姆斯(James)和克里斯蒂(Christy)40多岁时,房子多于所需,退休基金’太痛了。他们的孩子离开了巢穴,而夫妻俩’每月$ 1,900的按揭供款是可行的’为投资留了很多钱。因此,他们决定将尺寸缩小到较小的沙巴体育游戏。


他们的新 15年期固定利率抵押贷款 每月需要支付$ 1,200。如此小巧的身形,使詹姆斯和克里斯蒂每个月可以拿出700美元作为积蓄。 25年后,该投资帐户可能达到$ 900,000。如果他们等到70岁退休,他们最终可能会得到150万美元。现在,缩小尺寸使他们能够享受梦想的退休。


让’s say 您’re among the millions of people who have student loans hanging around their neck. If 您 have the average student loan debt of a recent college graduate, that means 您 owe around $37,000.(3) With a 6% interest rate and a minimum monthly payment of $250, 您’该贷款的负担将持续22年。那’s a long time!

现在,如果您缩小沙巴体育游戏大小,将每月的抵押贷款金额减少300美元,然后将300美元添加到您的学生贷款中,’d在不到7年的时间里与Sallie Mae道别。最重要的是—you’d将节省超过$ 22,000的利息!

而且,如果您拿走这22,000美元,您本应支付利息并将其放入罗斯IRA中30年呢?您’d有超过$ 380,000!这笔钱可以帮助支付退休时的任何自付费用—或被其他可能需要的梦想所吸引。关键是,你’d be keeping 您r 进钱 您r 银行而不是别人 ’s.

3. To pay off 您r mortgage.

没有人喜欢一个月又一个月支付抵押贷款。一个月后。好消息是 您 don’t have to stay a slave to 您r home loan. You could sell 您r current house and purchase a 较小的 one with cash. Imagine how much money 您 could be putting toward 您r retirement if 您 didn’没有抵押贷款!

Juan是一个单身父亲,有两个孩子。他’是他公司的一位成功的经理,但资金紧张。他’s worried he won’没有足够的退休金,即使他’参加他的雇主’401(k)计划。因此,他计算了数字并决定出售自己的沙巴体育游戏。

用出售的股权,他用现金购买了一个较小的沙巴体育游戏。现在,他’无需债务,每月可以拿出600美元用于退休。 25年后,他的积蓄可能超过$ 750,000—and that doesn’包括他雇主的钱’赢得401(k)比赛!


Even if 您r mortgage is reasonable, 您 may still choose to downsize to decrease 您r monthly bills and make overall expenses more bearable. In 2016, the average electric bill was $113 a month in the U.S.(4) If 您 move to a 较小的 home, 您 could save money because 您’重新加热和冷却更少的平方英尺。

但是较低的电费却不是’t the 只要 way 您’d利润。您还可以节省或消除与煤气,害虫防治,割草,HOA费用,房主有关的费用’的保险和维护。加起来,您可以节省一些现金,然后用于退休。

显然,那些竞技场 ’t the 只要 reasons people downsize. Some want to move closer to family. Others experience divorce or job loss. And there are lots of people who want a more eco-friendly home. Whatever the reasons, make sure 您 recognize both the pros and cons of downsizing.



成本是’t the 只要 factor that will determine whether or not 您’ll say goodbye to 您r current house. Here are some other issues to think about:


在接下来的10年中,您会需要更多还是更少的空间?–20年?您将能够维护景观和院子吗?如果您或您的配偶无法爬楼梯怎么办?如果您必须照顾年迈的父母或另一位亲人,您是否有足够的空间这样做?这些问题可能会让您有些不适,但是您需要考虑一下自己’将来需要。它将帮助您确定您是否’我需要在某个时候缩小尺寸—也许比你还早’d planned.


缩小沙巴体育游戏尺寸可能意味着减少抵押贷款支付,但是您可能没有想到其他成本。例如,在出售前是否必须进行沙巴体育游戏维修?您的家具可以放在新的地方吗?还考虑一下财产税,保险和HOA费用。那些可以切入你的现金’re trying to make.


If 您 make a significant profit on the sale of 您r home, 您 may get hit with a capital gains tax. The IRS will tax any gains of more than $500,000 for a couple or $250,000 for an individual.(5) 例如,让’例如,您和您的配偶15年前以300,000美元的价格购买了沙巴体育游戏。从那时起,由于您所在地区的发展,其价值不断提高。现在沙巴体育游戏价值$ 900,000,为您带来$ 600,000的利润。减去500,000美元的排除额后,您’d可能对$ 100,000征税。但是,此规则有一些古怪的例外,因此在决定出售之前,请与税务专家进行讨论。


If 您’re not so keen on moving to a 较小的 space, 您 need to ask 您rself why. Are 您 trying to keep up with the Joneses? Do 您 worry about what people might think if 您 bought a 较小的 家而不是一个 一?在今天’在文化中,更大的家通常被视为地位的象征。但是不要’t hang on to more house than 您 need just to impress people. That status won’退休时付账。



您的头脑可能在告诉您缩小尺寸是一个聪明的主意,但您的内心却在告诉您不要这样做。那’可能是因为你’在这四堵墙内建立了无数的回忆。您可能会想到重新开始新的想法而感到难过。但是请记住,您的回忆没有’当您移至其他地方时,t不会消失。您可以建立 memories with those 您 love, no matter where 您 live.


Once 您’ve worked through the finances and emotions of downsizing, 您 can make a wise decision. If 您 decide to sell 您r home and move into a 较小的 place, I highly recommend talking with a real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of the industry. And if 您 need help finding the best agent for 您, check out our 房地产计划 . Just type in some information, and 您’ll get a list of pros in 您r area.

Not 只要 will they help 您 get the most for 您r home, but they’我们还将与您一起确保过程尽可能顺利。另外,他们可以帮助您找到一个新的地方’最适合您的情况。

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