不要指望社会保障:这里’s Why

当我在全国各地的活动上发言时,人们问我有关退休计划的各种问题。一个主题似乎使他们绊倒 很多—社会保障。人们只是不穿’不知道它是如何工作的。或何时申请。或有多少计划。

那 lack of knowledge is all too common. In fact, nearly 70% of people who took a 10-question quiz on Social Security 失败了 小测验。在1500多个受访者中,仅 女人得到了满分!(1)

伙计们,我们有一个 问题。当人们不这样做 ’t know the facts about Social Security, they can make poor decisions about funding their retirement. And 那’s not okay!

I understand how confusing government programs can be. The legal jargon alone can give 您 a migraine. But 您 需要 to know this stuff to make smart decisions for 您r future, so let’让我们看一下社会保障的基础知识。这很重要,请注意!


您和我会将每笔薪水的一定百分比提供给社会保障计划。曾经注意到您工资单上的那行写着“FICA”?那代表联邦保险贡献法。该税包括对社会保障和医疗保险的供款。您的雇主可能会列出“OASDI”(老年幸存者和伤残保险)—that’的社会保障。或Medicare可能显示为“Fed Med/EE.”在每笔薪水中,您的总收入的6.2%用于社会保障,至少1.45%用于医疗保险。(2)

2020年,您将获得每1,410美元的信用额度—一年最多四个学分。您需要40积分才能退休。如果您今年的收入至少为$ 5,640, you’ll earn all four credits. And if 您 continue getting all four credits for 10 years, 您 will be eligible to receive Social Security benefits. (3)

即使你’您很可能会在您职业生涯的早期获得这40个学分’t get to start taking out Social Security payments until 您 reach a certain age. You can start taking out a reduced benefit (70% of 您r full benefit) at age 62. If 您 were born in 1960 or later, full retirement age is 67. If 您 were born before 那 year, full retirement age decreases slightly by month and year of birth.

Now, 您 can choose to 延迟 receiving 您r benefits—and 您’ll be rewarded for it. If 您 wait until age 70 to start receiving Social Security, 您’ll receive between 124% and 132% of the full benefit, depending on 您r age.(4) 那’s free money! So, if 您’re in good health, 延迟ing retirement a few years might be a great option for 您.


根据社会保障局的数据,退休工人的平均月收益估计为1,503美元。(5) 那’s just over $17,500 一年。透视一下,2019年一人家庭的贫困指南 was $12,490.(6) 你赢了’t be jetting off to Paris, France, on 那 kind of income. Maybe Paris, Texas.

Like many other government calculations, figuring out 您r expected monthly benefit is complicated. It’s based on how much 您 make throughout 您r career. Your earnings for the highest 35 years are averaged out, and then a benefit formula is applied. The end result is 您r monthly benefit from Social Security.

The good news is 那 each year the Social Security Administration will send 您 a letter 那 shows what 您r expected monthly benefit will be when 您 retire. If 您’re 您ng, it’ll be inaccurate because 您r salary will likely increase. If 您’re getting close to retirement age, 您 can use 那 estimate to plug into 您r planning.


Uncle Sam has been giving away more Social Security money than he is taking in. Some projections estimate 那 Social Security will be insolvent (a fancy word for "run out") by 2035.(7) 社会保障的未来是’t looking so good. If Congress doesn’如果堵塞泄漏,收益可能会下降到当前金额的79%左右。(8) And by the time 那 decade rolls around, who knows? It’s all up in the air—which is not a good place to be when 您 want to retire.

因为今天’的劳动力(任何’s currently working) is still paying 国际汽联, Social Security won’t 突然 collapse. As long as 国际汽联 exists and money is coming in, qualified retirees will continue to receive Social Security benefits. There will likely be some money for 您 when 您 retire. The real question is: How much money will 您 actually get by then?

At this point, nobody knows. Simply put, if 您’re counting on Social Security to pay for all 您r 需要s and wants in retirement, 您r future is in the hands of the people in Washington, D.C. Scary, I know.


Unfortunately, 很多 of people still believe they can live off Social Security when they retire. And believing 那 myth could be costly. A recent survey found 那 大多数50岁以上的人认为,社会保障将支付其退休金的50%或更多。(9) 但是社会保障是 设计仅替换40% 普通工人的’退休前收入。大多数财务顾问表示,退休人员将需要 70%以上 退休前收入过着舒适的生活。(10) Are 您 seeing the 问题? I hope so!


您需要将社会保障视为蛋糕的锦上添花,而不是蛋糕本身。 这将是一个不错的奖励,但是不要’不要指望它。您需要更好,更可靠的计划—one 那 depends on 您r 辛勤工作和奉献精神,而不是一群政客的决定。

If 您 haven’开始为退休储蓄 现在’s the time. If 您’re out of debt and have an emergency fund in place, 您 需要 to be investing 15% of 您r gross income for retirement. Your company 401(k) program (or 一些thing like it) is a great place to start.

Another thing 您 需要 to do is talk with a financial advisor. These folks will help 您 create a plan to reach 您r wealth-building goals. If 您 don’t have a financial advisor, 您 can check out our SmartVestor 服务。它’ll give 您 a list of advisors in 您r area who follow the same solid financial principles as I do.



霍根妈妈曾经说过 如果是这样的话’s up to me. Your retirement is in 您r hands, so don’t let 您r future slip through 您r fingers. Get to work!